Misaki has started to become an additional seasons in the Miyaji Academy in which Aichi along with attends

In school, she hesitates to join the brand new Cardfight Club, and that Aichi tries to setting to start with. Whenever you are Aichi goes on scouting for lots more recruits, he grows more desperate, that leads Aichi so you can challenge Misaki for the chance to become part of the Cardfight Pub. If you find yourself on Cardfight Bar, Naoki plus describes this lady while the “Boss Ladies” away from Miyaji Academy.

The institution council’s Vice president plus seems to be afraid of the lady, since shown when you look at the Event 108. When Misaki endured close to the Vice president, the Vice-president appears to disperse numerous methods out-of the lady.

Like with additional club professionals, she continued the education go camping, https://datingrating.net/bhm-dating/ and witnesses Aichi challenge a corrected Kourin who escapes, terminating the battle. Once they come back to Miyaji Academy, they discover that the majority of it has been Corrected, so they really generate a great tactical retreat. Afterwards, she seems to overcome and Unreverse Miwa and you will witness Aichi reduce in order to Kai. Following hassle about Contrary and PSY Qualia, Misaki are kept into anyone else to handle Aichi. But not, Opposite competitors are available, thus she together with remainder of the category have to fend her or him out of. When Aichi disappears on the Tatsunagi strengthening, Misaki happens shortly after your. Just after Kourin try defeated, she can her care and attention. Whenever more Corrected fighters are available, she attempts to go against them before the Fukuhara High-school classification is available in to store a single day. She facilitate lead the group outside the building and you can witnesses Aichi and you may Kai’s cardfight. Eventually, she sees Kourin disappear nowadays wears the lady hairband on her behalf sleeve to remember the woman because of the.

Season cuatro

In the 1st the main season, once Kai discovers you to Aichi could have been annihilated out of everybody’s memories, the guy recalls Misaki’s eidetic memory and you can converts to the woman to own help. not, even Misaki forgot in the Aichi. After, Misaki watched Kai and you can Naoki’s race. The battle wasn’t finished once the Naoki out of the blue recalls Aichi when Kai calls out Blaster Blade Seeker.

Kai after that pressures Misaki so you can a combat. She try unwilling initially, however, believes when Kai expected her in the event that she was frightened. In game, Kai attempted of numerous attempts to get Misaki to keep in mind her opponent’s term in her own very first previously leading edge matches. In the event Misaki attempted to bear in mind, she cannot contemplate.

She including slash the lady hair in order to shoulder-duration, but if not seems to be a similar

Once the games went on, Misaki amazes Naoki as the she shows off her expertise of your Genesis clan. Kai however continued asking the lady which the woman first opponent are. Misaki is actually baffled, since when it comes to you to definitely memories, she couldn’t contemplate anything demonstrably. Kai fundamentally adventures Seeker, Sacred Wingal and you will activates Legion to name Blaster Blade Seeker, and this triggers Misaki’s thoughts of Aichi. Kai’s stamina with Legion Companion overpowers Misaki and you will she manages to lose this new endeavor.

Later, Misaki finds out of Naoki you to an effective butler informed your to help you forget on Aichi and you may he’s going to be back. In doing what in mind, brand new duo thoughts from on the Hitsue Twelfth grade so you’re able to alert Kai concerning the butler. Misaki up coming observed the fight between Kai facing Miwa and Naoki facing Kamui.

She in the future finds by herself attacking Ratie Curti of the Quatre Knights immediately after seeing the woman combat Koutei within airport, and you may shows her Legion. Nonetheless it was not sufficient and you will she fell in order to Ratie’s Trace Paladins. She later fits up with Kamui who had fallen in order to Raul Serra’s Musketeers himself. They talk about the undeniable fact that they should defeat the latest Quatre Knights to help you visited Aichi, and decide to return so you can Cardfight Resource to bolster the porches to battle top facing Quatre Knights.

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